(This used to be a race calendar but I thought a new page was in order…)

I had my colon removed on August 8, 2016. I now have a permanent ileostomy. I’m waiting for my second surgery to remove my rectum. This surgery will likely happen in February 2017.

So far life with an ileostomy is going really well.

Here is some writing I’ve done so far about my newfound life:

Here are some resources that you may find useful if your or someone you know has an ostomy or is a soon-to-be ostomate:

If you have questions about life with an ileostomy, the surgery, the recovery, the stoma, the pouch, really anything – don’t be shy: email me. I know what it’s like to have questions and not know who to talk to. If I can help, I will. I’m no expert. I’m just a person who has first-hand experience.

15 thoughts on “Ileostomy

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the race Martin! Unfortunately I won’t be able to race in Magog this year – my little brother is getting married the day before in Toronto… I’m sure you’ll get a good crowd from Ottawa though. Glad you like the site!

  2. Hey Vicki,

    Looks like a packed schedule this year. Hope you have an awesome Cross season and know Ontario will be cheering for you.

    Chris B.

  3. Hi Chris

    Wow – you brought a smile to my face this afternoon. Nice to read such a supportive comment. Much appreciated. I’ll try to do Ontario (and Saskatchewan) proud. Thanks again for your support.

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