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Don’t be shy! I like to read email. I like to write email. I like to talk even more!

12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Yes – as soon as the clothing is finalized I’ll post a link to it. It does look very slick – thanks to the Fearless Leader.

  2. Hi Vicki,

    Just got the first three issues of CX magazine in the mail yesterday and read your article. Well done! Can’t wait for the next one.


  3. Hey Steve!

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the article. The next issue of Cyclocross Magazine should be coming out soon.


  4. Hey Alex

    Yep, we’re heading down to RI. We’re staying at Homewood Suites in Warwick. Nice site! Thanks again for you all of your help – much appreciated.
    See you next weekend in RI.

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  7. Hi! Is it possible to subscribe to your website/posts? I’d love to get an email every time you post.

    I found you on and read everything there about diet/medications, and then I just read your most recent post about surgery and I’m intrigued! I need to read everything in between.

    I was diagnosed w UC January 2010 and have had a very rough 365 days as well as ups and downs through the years. Thank you for sharing your story– really really really means a a lot to me.

      • HI Jennifer
        You most definitely can subscribe – there is an RSS subscribe button on the right side of the website. Click this to subscribe to my posts. I also always post a link on Twitter (@vickitopcrosser) so if you follow me there you’ll get them as well.
        Sorry to read about your diagnosis and your struggles. Feel free to email me ( – it always helps to chat with others who understand the ups and downs of ulcerative colitis.


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