Good Words Work

I’m a writer. I’m an editor. I’m a social media person. I’m a communicator. I’m more than likely the communicator you need to get your message out.

Technical documentation. Marketing collateral. Blog posts (no topic too crazy). Tweets. Facebook updates. Email blasts. Whitepapers. Website content.

Yes, I write and edit this and more. I have a diverse catalogue of experience to draw on. With over 15 years as a professional technical writer combined with a bustling freelance career that has me writing the stuff of the Internet, I really can do it all.

Way back in the early 1990’s I attended and graduated from the top journalism program in Canada. This was pretty huge. I wasn’t a strong student in high school but I could do one thing well, I could (and can) write. I learned how to put emotion and feeling into the words on the page so that they grab you and keep you reading. I wanted to be a journalist because I believed I would be the that person to write a newspaper article that would change your life.

Well, I’m not a journalist. Instead I’m a more well-rounded communicator.

I like to think that while I’m not reporting from the midst of the latest conflict, I can still make a difference with my words. Now, I can do for you what you want to do – I can get your message out. Whether this is a blog post about business continuity or updating your social media accounts or writing a whitepaper that will help you land that next big contract – I’m your communicator.

And if you want to get technical, no problem at all. I’ve got the experience and the moxie to work with subject matter experts to explain the nitty gritty technical details of your latest widget, app, product, or File menu options. Installation guides. Administrator guides. Online help. Training material. Website content. Q and A forums. I can tell your customers how to use your software and I’ll do it clearly and concisely.

So, that’s a lot of tooting my own horn. Probably  what you want now is my resume. Frankly, resumes are kind of boring but to read all about my career experience, download my technical writer resume and my communicator resume. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn.

Really, what we should do is talk. Email me. Find me on Twitter. Grab me on Skype (vickith_topcrosser). Send me a Facebook message. The tool doesn’t matter, what matters is that we do talk and that we do work together. I’ll put your ideas, thoughts, messages and ramblings into black and white – your clients will read them, be dazzled and feel very happy.

Life is too short for bad words. Good words work. Let me work for you.

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