Huh? Olympics? Why a post about the Olympics on a web site about cyclo-cross? Well, why not? Everyone I know is absorbed with the Olympics right now. This sporting spectacle brings out the athlete in everyone. It opens our eyes to sports we didn’t know existed (for me – women’s wrestling), we get to watch sports that get little to no coverage (judo, fencing, taekwon-do – to name a few), and most importantly – we draw inspiration from the Olympics.

I sit watching athletes who have given their live to their sport to make it to the big show. Wow! Not many of us can say we have devoted ourselves to one single and ultimate goal. So to watch athletes from all over the world give their best with the eyes of the world on them is something else. I don’t think pressure even describes it.

This brings me to the start of the ‘cross season… There are times when I’m out on the bike and I’m not having a good time. It is raining. I’m tired. I’m not feeling the drills. But something keeps me going. My goal of making the national team helps me get up early and get my skill sessions in. Knowing that I’ll have to race many wet races helps me stay focused on the wet grass and ignore the cold. My race schedule helps me to get through the drills and work on the “small” things that will make a big difference against the world’s best.

It really all comes down to inspiration. Olympics. Race plans. Goals. Whatever works for you – grab that nugget of inspiration and use it.

Had a solid session yesterday with Marc. We got out for a couple of hours of skills. It helps me so much to train with Marc. He has a very keen eye and catch the things that will make a big difference. We spent a lot of time on mounting the bike. Yes – mounting the bike. The faster this skill is the better. The sooner I can get my foot to the pedal, the sooner I can sprint away from you. Then we set up our turning grid and worked on fast and tight turns. Lots was accomplished. Marc really reinforced that one has to “go slow to go fast”.

Just a reminder that I’m heading to Mass. for the Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross camp so if you are in the Ottawa area and are interested in heading down, just drop me an email or post here on the site. It will be a good weekend of ‘cross, new and old friends, and just plain old fun.

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