Smooth Day

Had an excellent training session this morning. Marc and I hit up the park on our street and did lots of cool and challenging stuff.

Started off with the typical warm-up – tight turns, wide turns, riding the line on the soccer field. Just stuff to get the blood flowing and the brain ticking. Then we hit the sand box. There is a sandbox at this park with super deep sand. Kind of like the sand at Mol. Ya – it is that deep (unfortunately not very long).

But it works for sand riding practice. Worked on lifting the front wheel to prevent it from digging in, keeping the legs turning over, and looking ahead. After a few goes we were getting through the sand box faster and smoother. I nearly hit the swing set a couple of times… It is amazing how quickly sand can sap the legs.

Then we moved on to remounts. We practiced on a slight rise. The idea is that by practicing on a slight rise/incline you can discover if your remount is breaking down. I.E. where you are losing your forward momentum. Excellent drill. It really forces you to focus on forward momentum. Not sure where Marc got the idea for this drill. It is a good one.

Then we set up some flags on the face of a steep incline and worked on turning on the face of the hill. This drill broke me on Tuesday. Today – not so much. I nailed it. Success! What a great feeling and the best way to end a training session.

This was a very successful training session. Why? Well we did three specific drills – broke them down step-by-step, worked on each step, and then when the last step was accomplished/nailed, we moved on. So we finished each drill with a feeling of improvement and confidence. Just what you want from a session.

I know I promised more pictures. I will get some up. Probably won’t be until the weekend though. Sorry! Life is busy (you know how it is).

Enjoy the last long weekend of the summer. I’ll be doing some good hard long rides and getting in some specific ‘cross training sessions. Should be good. Oh, and there will be some nice chillaxing time as well.