So very strange… I wrote a post yesterday and now I realize it didn’t make it. Must have been eaten. Oh well. Take 2.

So I updated the photos page. There are a bunch of pics there from last season – go check it out.

Got in some excellent riding this weekend. Four hour ride on Saturday with a solid little group. Good pace. Great conversation. Little coffee shop stop. I threw in my 500m intervals and it was all good. Nice way to spend the late morning/early afternoon. Sunday I got out for a little over three hours. Discovered some new roads. Got in some longer intervals. Excellent. Though it was hot yesterday. My two bottles were not quite enough. As for today – little recovery ride and then some ‘cross riding.

Chilled out day today. Marc is busy gluing tires. Murphy (our cat) has been desperately trying to get in on the gluing action. Doesn’t seem to be working that well.

Looks like there will be a few more ‘cross clinics happening here in Ottawa. When the details are firm, I’ll post them up here.

Heading down to Mass. on Friday for the Cycle-Smart ‘cross camp. Looking forward to it. Good instructors. Nice area. And I heard a new caterer…

Well, not much else happening. Sorry the post didn’t make it on Sunday. I’m guessing I forgot to press Publish…

Hope you got out on your bike this long weekend and were able to get in some good training. All the hardwork needs to be done now because soon enough  you’ll only have to time to race and recover. The question of the day is: how far you willing to travel for a cyclo-cross race?