Valuable Information

Just came across this “old” post on Laaste Ronde:Up To Speed. A very useful post about a way to incorporate fun and practicality into a training session.

It is easy to run through drills at less than race pace. Hitting tight turns and getting a perfect remount aren’t worth much if your lungs aren’t burning when you’re doing it. I know, I know – to really learn a skill one has to break it down and start slowly. Yes, I agree and do this religiously. But there comes a time when you have to amp up the pace and find out how you’re really handling the skill. For some skills, the speed actually makes them easier for others, chaos ensues…

Just a little something to think about on this Tuesday morning.

Got out for a good session yesterday. More fun in the sand box. This time we worked on turning in the sand. It is so counter-intuitive to everything I know. Speed is not necessarily your friend when turning in sand – particularly deep grooved sand. Took a little bit but I eventually got it. Gearing is so important as well – if the legs don’t turn, the bike isn’t moving. Did manage to yank my right foot out of the pedal and jam the top of my knee into my stem. Ouch! Ah well, if this is the worst of it this year then I’m laughing. Closed off the training session with more mounting drills – did this on a steapish face of a hill. The idea is to discover where in the mounting you’re losing speed and potentially stalling out. Excellent drill. This one I’ve incorporated into my series of warm-up drills.

Plan is to get out on the ‘cross bike today as well. Have a VO2max session to do first and then we’ll see tonight about the ‘cross bike. Worst case I’ll be out there tomorrow morning. Besides, I gotta say – my knee is a little bit tender.

Well, have a good one. Remember it all comes down to fundamentals.