Death Ridge

I came face-to-face with the infamous death ridge on Sunday. I was just rolling along the grass, decided to hop on the sidewalk. I assumed the grass to sidewalk transition was smooth and level. So I didn’t lift my wheel and decided to hit it at an angle.

Nope – it wasn’t smooth. Big death ridge there. That gap that you see a little bit late. One minute I’m on my bike, next I’m sprawled on the sidewalk like a limp leaf. Amazing how fast it happens. I think there was a little man hiding in death ridge – he saw me coming, smiled, and grabbed my bike.

Luckily I didn’t slide off the sidewalk onto the road. And luckily it was very wet out. So I slid nicely. This reduced the road rash. Particularly since I wasn’t wearing any gloves (yes, dumb – I know). Marc came to my rescue and after a quick check of the bike we were on our way again.

I suppose this crash was really just some payback. Early in the ride, Marc and I were cruising in some slick, peanut butter-like mud. I decided to take a sharp turn in the mud (at the end of the cornfield). I neglected to alert Marc. I chopped him pretty hard. Took out his front wheel and he landed in the mud. I wasn’t too popular for a few minutes. Sorry Marc!

So, I’d have to say yesterday’s outing on the ‘cross bikes was not the best. But that’s life. I’m feeling fine today – just a few scrapes and colorful bruises. Could always be worse.

On deck today is a 90 minute ‘cross ride. Think I’ll set up a little mini-course with some different stations – I’ll hit the stations at variable speeds and angles. Oh, and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for death ridge…

Have a good one.