Local ‘Cross Action

Don’t forget the Ride with Rendall cyclocross training tonight at Britannia park. The training starts at 5:30. All levels and cyclists are welcomed. You do not need to be a member of Ride with Rendall to attend.

Also not to be missed is the Ride with Rendall cyclocross immersion clinic this weekend (Sept. 19 – 22). This a four day clinic – Friday evening, full days on Saturday and Sunday and Monday evening. Fees are: Ride with Rendall members – $60, non-Ride with Rendall members – $75, and under 17 riders are free.
To register and get more details on the clinic, email Glen.

So really, no excuses not to get out on your bike this week and get some quality training in. I had planned to be at the training tonight but I’ve got a date behind a motor bike. Yep, motor pacing is on the schedule tonight. So while you’re ripping it up at Britannia, learning all about mounts, dismounts, cornering, etc. – think of me trying to stay glued to the back of Mr. Westwood’s moto.

Have a good one. Oh – I wore the new kit yesterday. I felt so fast in it. Funny what a new piece of gear will do for your ride. Just like when you get a great new pair of jeans – nothing can stop you then.

Life is good.

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