Feeling stoked right now. Just finished talking to coach Steve. We talked about everything – my training, form, mindset, the past few weeks, and upcoming races.

Basically everything is looking good. I’m feeling good. Numbers are looking good. Form is on. Skills are right where they need to be. All in all – confident. Confident with the work I’ve done and where it will take me.

Some interesting points that Steve made: “This is a new year. Don’t go into the race thinking you should be here or there – just race as hard as you can.” This is the thing I mentioned to Steve. It seems I hurt so much more in training than I do in racing. Strange. So the big goal this weekend is to hurt. To hurt and to commit to the race. Does this happen to you ever? I don’t know what it is – a little bit of fear perhaps?

Maybe the brain remembers those early racing days where I went so hard and hurt so bad and still got dropped. So deep down there is some kind of block?

Well, I’m going to find the key this weekend and unlock the wall of hurt. I want it.

So this is where I am. Really looking forward to racing. To testing myself and pushing myself to my limits. There is no pressure. Just go out and have fun. The hard part is done – the training is done. Stay smooth. Focused. Pedal hard. Drill it.

Then when all is said and done on Sunday – stop off at Moe’s in Burlington for a big burrito and chai latte at Sbucks for the drive home. Mmm, I love cyclo-cross.

Picked up some hot new wheels and glasses today. Thanks OGC! I’m uber-pumped to be racing on the Mavic Carbones and to be flashing my new Giro Havik glasses. Not only will I be fast but I’ll look good doing it!

P.S. Reminder about the OBC cyclo-cross registration at The Cyclery tonight. 5 – 8 p.m.

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