‘Cross Weather?

Not feeling much like cyclo-cross weather today. Very warm and humid here in O-Town. Ah well, we’ll take it for a while. But some rain would be good. Us ‘crossers need Mother Nature’s help to keep the “hard man” image going. Sigh.

Anyway, lots going in the ‘cross world. People are gearing up for Cross Vegas this weekend. From what I’ve seen on the WWW, it sounds like a pretty grassy course. Kinda jealous I’m not racing Cross Vegas. But at the same time – very relieved I’m not racing Cross Vegas. Probably not the best race or locale/scene to kick off the cyclo-cross season. Regardless, I’ll be checking into with Cyclocross Magazine to get the scoop on the race.

Me, I’ll be racing in Vermont this weekend at the first races of the New England Verge Series. Fun times. Looks like I’ll be doing the entire New England Verge Series (except Gloucester…).

Got in a solid tempo work-out this morning. 2 hour ride with 45 minutes of tempo. Smooth. Just what these legs needed – a little bit of burn, a little bit of ache – to remind how I’ll be feeling on the weekend. Tonight I’m heading to Britannia Beach for the Ride with Rendall ‘cross clinic. I’d say this makes for a solid training day.

Picking up my spare bike tomorrow. Thanks Steve! Thanks Vince! I’d be lost without The Cyclery. You dudes rock.

Did I mention how excited I am about going to Belgium? I think so – but if you missed it – well I’m super excited. Can’t wait. Speaking of Belgium – what about you – why don’t you make a trip over? Come for Christmas – keep that form from U.S. Natiionals and race your brains out for two weeks. Or how about coming over for a bit longer? What about Masters World Cyclo-Cross Champs in Mol, Belgium – can’t miss this. Convinced? Cool. Then you need a place to stay. I’ve got just the place. A house in Blauberg, Belgium. Massive garage. Lots of room. Good location. Close to all amenities (bakery two minutes walk from the house). Great training right out the front door. The house filled up pretty quickly last year – so if you’re interested – email me. Just do it – you know you want to.

Last time I checked we only live once.

Came across an interesting post on Laatste Ronde. Read paragraph number 2. See I’m not the only one.

So, on the topic of race reports… There aren’t any yet… Primarily because I haven’t raced yet. But some (a lot) of you have. So why not write a race report – I’ll post it for you. I don’t care where the race was, how you did, etc. I just want people (you) to learn from the experiences of other racers – so write a race report – send it to me – I’ll post it. Easy.

Photos…. The plan is to add some new photos. Basically some links to photos of various races that have happened. I have some links collected. But if you have the inside scoop on a smooth photographer with some slick photos online – hit me with the link.

Okay, enough begging. Time to go. If you’re in Ottawa – hopefully I’ll see you tonight. If you’re racing this weekend in Vermont – stop me and say hello. I’ll be wearing the slick black, red, and white Ottawa Cross kit and riding a Stevens Super-Prestige.

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