We made it safe and sound to Catamount Park in Williston, VT. Location of the first two New England Verge Series races.

The four of us checked out the course. Lots of grass. Lots of climbing. Some flowy descents. A stair run-up. One set of double barriers. Some twists and turns. A fun little bumpy section. All in all a fun and challenging course. It is not uber-technical but still very challenging.

There were a couple of people out warming up but we basically had the place to ourselves. Talked to the guys setting up the course – they were super friendly and helpful.

Bit of rain while we were riding. It is pouring now. So it is sure to be fast and muddy. Perfect!

Massive shout-out to The Cyclery for the spare Stevens Super-Prestige. Makes a big difference to race this year with two bikes that are just for me. Thanks Vince and Steve!

Had fun yesterday hanging out with the Kingsbridge guys. Thanks for the jerseys and jackets! The jackets are especially slick. By the looks of the weather I’ll get to wear one tomorrow.

We are just chilling out here now in the Mainstay in the Burlington, VT. I made a super tasty stew in the slow cooker and we made a stop at Shaw’s for some extra food. Gotta say that the best way to travel and stay at these races is in a hotel with a kitchenette. So nice to control the food and not have to sit in a restaurant. (This being said, we plan to stop at Moe’s for a burrito after the racing action Sunday.)

Okay, I’m out. If you’re racing this weekend – have fun, pedal hard, and keep smiling. If you’re at Catamount this weekend, stop me and say hello.

Good Vibrations!

Wow – just feeling some good vibes today. I was riding today and I just really started to feel good. Next thing I knew I had a big grin plastered on my face and I really felt like I was glowing. Incredible.

I realized where these sensations were coming from. My support team. My friends. All of the people who have been supporting me and encouraging me. Marc. Steve (Fearless Leader). Coach Steve. Nick. Rob. Glen. Josee. Vince. Skip. Sheri. Kevin. All of you who have passed on a word of encouragement, a helping hand, a thoughtful smile, a nugget of information. It all adds up. And today I just really got it.

It hit me so hard that I just couldn’t help feeling like that 5 year old who finally gets the training wheels off and is zipping around the street.

I gotta say, this is a great mentality to be taking into my first two ‘cross races of the season. I am committed. Committed to the plan. Committed to the hurt. Confident in my fitness. Confident with my support system. Excited to race. Excited to just be out there watching the Ottawa crew race.

Ya, I’m feeling good. Sorry for being so mushy. I just want you to really know how I’m grooving right now.

Massive shout out to everyone racing this weekend in Ottawa. Have fun – enjoy the first race of the season. I’ll be sending you some fast and speedy vibes on Sunday morning. Here is my one tip for race day:

“Hit It Hard!”