It is the middle of the training week. For me this means I’ve had a couple of days to recover (since I raced twice and traveled on the weekend) and now today is the day I rip my legs off again. Had scheduled a motor pacing work-out but plans changed and I ended up doing a very brutal work-out. 2 x 15 sweet spot tempo intervals with seated accelerations every 3 minutes. Yes, it is as nasty as it sounds. But nasty in a good way. I get a great deal of satisfaction from hard work-outs.

Tonight I’m heading out to the Ride with Rendall ‘cross clinic. Should be good. Rain or shine I’ll be there. You should come as well. Fun will be had. Remember the clinic is at Laroche Park.

Posted a few photos from the weekend of racing in Vermont. Thanks to Paul Weiss for the pictures. Check out the photos page. I’ll post more as they are available.

Going to take out my spare bike tonight. Trying to break in a new saddle. And Marc put on some new TRP brakes for me yesterday that I want to test out. Thanks Marc! I’d be lost without Marc.

So, I have to update my Race Calendar. This is on the list of “to dos” for tonight. Looks like we are going to go to Granogue, Delaware for a race the weekend after ‘cross Nationals. Cool – never been to Delaware. The drive is 8.5 hours – not bad. We’re leaning towards this rather than driving to Kentucky. I’d love to do the US GP races in Kentucky but 13 hours of driving is a bit much.

Getting myself on the registration lists for some World Cups. Crazy! If you had told me two years ago – heck last year that I was going to be racing in a cyclo-cross World Cup I would have laughed out loud! Well, I’m not laughing now. Nope – I’m grinning from ear to ear.

Well, dudes, I best motor. Have my day job to get back to. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week

  1. Have you thought of getting a cheap flight from Syracuse to Kentucky? I love Kentucky. Thanks for letting us know about the venue change for tonight’s Cross Practice. If it wasn’t for you I would be in the wrong place tonight.

  2. I know I know… it sounds geeky… but our sports are pretty geeky if yah really think about it.
    We use the fine planet to train, to race, etc…

    We have to swim in them waters. What if it was all urine?
    We have to run on them trails. What if the air was so polluted that we couldn’t?
    We have to cycle on them roads. What if it was all congested?

    I try to offset my carbon impact (travel by air about twice a year to events and drive 800km to events about 6 times a year) by cycling to work. Which is a huge contribution to the reduction. The times when everyone is on the road.

    I feel pretty guilty when driving though and flying.
    But, to know I only do it every so often.
    Then to look at all the massive amount of idle vehicles every morning as I cycle into work (it ain’t easy, especially this time of year. Damn cold!).

    thought I’d just bring this up for most of us all travel to events and such.
    We gotta use this planet for fresh air and water.
    I feel kind of bad for those people with asthma. Cause it can’t be easy during smog days and such…


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