One Week Out

Hard to believe that Canadian Cyclo-Cross Nationals are next Saturday. All the preparation and hard work is in the books and now it is time to just have fun.

I’m really looking forward to racing next weekend in Edmonton. Funny, I thought I’d be stressing about the race. But I can proudly say that I’ve come a long way this past racing season. I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve gotten smarter. I’ve become confident. I am ready.

I realized today while out on my road bike that I’m pretty lucky. I’m entering the elite nationals race with absolutely no pressure. No one really knows me (I spent the last few seasons racing masters) and no one expects anything from me. I recognized and admitted today that the only pressure “comes from me”.

I want to do well. I know how I can race. I have a goal. But that is all about me. Not anyone else. I think this is key – worry about yourself – not anyone else. I can only control my race. Heck everyone in front of me could either fall down and/or get a flat tire – then who knows what could happen?

Suffice it to say, I’m good to go. My training has been going so well. My numbers are higher than predicted. My health is bang-on. No nagging injuries. Both bikes are running super smooth. My race clothing is slick. I’ve got top notch people helping me work on my technical skills. My head is on straight.

This all leads to one thing:

Confidence. Commitment.

The true test of an athlete. To be confident in the work put in and to be committed to the race.

I am so ready.

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