We are home. Made it safe and sound on an uneventful but full-of-crying-children flight. Thank goodness for the in-flight entertainment system and headphones.

Had a little bit of time to think about the weekend. Wow – what a difference a year makes. Perspective is so important. Especially when things don’t go exactly to plan. Last year I was racing in the masters category. I didn’t even think about racing elite – in fact I would have been lapped if I’d tried. Last year I was third at ‘cross nationals – in the masters category. This year I was 8th in the elite category.

A lot can happen in a year.

So, I didn’t meet my initial goal. But I came a long way. In a short period of time. And I’m not done yet. I’ve got some more fitness to gain, more skills to learn, and a few more bullets left. This past weekend does one big thing for me – reinforces all the hard work I’ve done. Proves that determination and focus does pay off. For some not meeting the goal might be a failure.

In fact on Saturday and on Sunday, it felt like failure to me. But now it feels different. Yes, it is still disappointing. But my results this weekend prove that I’m making many strides in the right direction. I’d say this weekend is a bold checkmark in the “win” column.

This only “fuels my fire”. I’ve got lots more races in me. And I have a feeling there are a lot more good results to come.

I’m working on some new season goals. When I have them worked out, I’ll post them here for you to read.

One thought on “Home

  1. What a weekend! You all (Vicki, Marc, and the Fearless Leader) pulled out all the stops. Of course, I’m a tad biased…

    Your pain was my pain!

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