Sorry about yesterday. One of those days. Not enough hours in the day. Something had to slide. Ah well, better on Friday than on the weekend.

Got in a little recovery ride yesterday. After much fighting with a flat front tire and a few delays, I finally made it out late in the afternoon. That ride did more for my brain than my legs. Cleared my head. I got rid of my crazy brain and just let my legs turn over. Bike as therapy.

Just finished reading a great article in Cyclocross Magazine by Mark Legg-Compton. It is a very good read. Read it. Act on his message and sentiments.

Getting ready to go out for an opening work-out. Should have gone two hours ago. When the roads were merely wet – and it wasn’t raining. But such is life – I had other stuff to do. Good thing I’m not made of sugar. I’ll pull on my super-duper rain pants, my purple hat, and think warm thoughts during my ride. The warm bath. A nice cup of chai tea. Soup.

I missed posting this earlier in the week – massive shout out and congrats to Keirnan Orange. Keirnan is ripping up the Quebec ‘cross scene this year. This young guy is really coming into his own and is proving that the slow and steady approach really does pay off. Keirnan is currently holding the leader’s jersey for the Quebec series. Way to go Keirnan! Keep ripping it up.

This darkness is a areal drag isn’t it? We discovered that there are two fields in our neighbourhood that were are lit with super strong lights until quite late in the evening. 10:15 p.m in fact. Soon this will be the only option for after-work ‘cross practice. Even the morning practice is getting pushed back due to the darkness.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. We’re racing at home at Mooney’s Bay. Wonder how many times we’ll have to go up that darn hill? Next Friday we are off to Mass. Should be good. I’ll be keeping my eyes on Kentucky this weekend as well as the World Cup in Tabor. Go Adam! Go Wendy! Go Christine!

Belgium soon enough. If you’re going to be in Belgium while we’re there. Drop me an email or post up in the comments – we should hook up for a ride, a meal, a chocochino (this sweet treat can be found in Leuven), or whatever.

Okay, it is still raining. Might as well get going. This way the ride is done and I can get to the warm bath and chai tea. Have a good one!