Sweet Spot

Oh yeah baby, today was all about the sweet spot… As in sweet spot tempo intervals. This morning I was on the trainer at the crack of dawn pounding out the wattage. 3 x 12 minutes with accelerations every 3 minutes. Yes, my legs were kicking and screaming. I blocked out the leg tantrums and kept on drilling it. Telling myself this is good, you are going so hard, harder than ever, remember these sensations on the weekend. Amazing how quickly the time passed when my brain was not thinking about pain but rather thinking about the pay-off.

It wasn’t my choice to be on the trainer. But it is pretty frosty up here now, not good for doing intervals outside. I get chilled really easily and the last thing I needed or wanted was to be cold, sweaty, and 45 minutes from home. So it was an excellent ride. Watched last week’s episode of Grey’s and Law and Order. So it was doubly sweet – hard work-out and guilt-free television watching.

Unfortunately, no ‘cross practice for me tonight. I’m super busy at work and something has to give. It is a drag. But this is reality.

Just had a look at the pre-registration list for the USGP in New Jersey this weekend. Wow – talk about deep field. 42 women on Saturday and 40 on Sunday. I’m stoked. The better and stronger the field, the better and stronger I’ll be. I’m determined to not let the mistakes of the past haunt me this weekend. Funny, last night we were out with a good pal of ours and he was asking about our races in Toronto last weekend. I told him about my ride on Sunday and how I kept on getting faster and faster as the race went on. I couldn’t really explain why I couldn’t/wouldn’t go all out from the gun. Marc summed it up “You have to want it”.

Yep, therein lies another one of my problems right now. I had a super big goal this season. I didn’t make it – after my third race of the season. I set new goals. But somehow they don’t mean as much to me as the goal of racing in the World Champs did. Well, really this is all up to me. I’ve got to get my brain on straight and start wanting and riding like I want it. This is the weekend.

I just read Kathy’s race report from Plymouth. Wow – she has got me so fired up. Her race on Sunday was most impressive. I love the self-talk she used to motivate herself. Inspiring.

Okay, I best be off. The clock is ticking (still haven’t figured out how to make time stand still) and I’ve got lots on my “to do” list this afternoon. The perfect ending to this fine Wednesday will be the hour I spend in my hot power yoga class. (So long as we don’t do too many handstands – not a fan of being upside down.) Have a good one.

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