This is a rare moment for us – Saturday morning at home. That’s right – we’re not in a hotel or on the way to a race venue. Even better was we had a Friday night in our town – we did crazy stuff like going out for dinner, browsing in some shops, and just chilled out at home. The travel is getting to be a lot right now – as I’m sure most of you can attest to.

This being said, we are taking off in a few hours for the Big Smoke. The big city of Toronto is on our travel plans today. Racing at Riverdale East Park tomorrow for the Ontario Cyclo-Cross Provincials. By the sounds of it we’ll be sliding around in the snow. I was going to pack to a short-sleeve skinsuit – but common sense got the better of me – long-sleeve it is.

Just finished an opening work-out on the trainer. Don’t like doing openers on the trainer. Oh well, such is life when I’m not willing to go out and brave the elements like the hardy young guns. I watched an episode of Entourage. Not bad for the trainer. I also watched part of Taxicab Confessions – this is both enlightening and disturbing.

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday – the day kind of got away from me. Work was busy and then I met up with the CEO of Kingsbridge Disaster Recovery. We had a super smooth chat and catch-up – the support from this company has just been awesome this year. The enthusiasm for cycling is contagious – well really the enthusiasm for life and making the most of it, just flows from Skip. One of the best things an athlete can do is surround herself with positive and supportive people. Thanks Skip and Kingsbridge for the support this year.

Well, I best blast. Got a few little errands to do before we can hit the road. Currently debating if we can get all four bikes, plus wheels, bags, and people inside the Matrix. Don’t know – could be tricky. But the effort might be worth it – don’t want the go-fast bikes to get snowed on while we zoom down the 401.

See you in Toronto. Good luck if you’re racing in Southampton this weekend. Some serious start lists there – should be some great racing. Pedal hard! Remember to “Move Yourself”.

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