Impressed and Inspired

Impressed. Inspired.

Impressed by the local Ottawa ‘cross scene. Inspired by all the people who came out for one last race in the snow. Impressed with the friendships and barriers overcome through racing ‘cross. Inspired by the little kids hauling their bikes around in the snow and toughing it out for the whole 60 minutes. Inspired by the international ‘cross community and how people come together.

This weekend we were very busy getting the last of our trip details sorted out. Lots of emails and phone calls. Everything has worked out and we’re all happy. But best of all is realizing that we were all brought together through one simple thing – the bike. That bike you had with training wheels that you learned to ride when you were five really can take you place. How cool is that?

Just today I’ve been exchanging emails with a ‘cross racer who lives in Norway. Amazing. He wants to come to Belgium to race and hopes to be the first Norwegian to race in the World Champs in 2010. Inspired and Impressed.

Massive shout out to the OBC gang for another stellar local ‘cross season. I didn’t get to race in many of the local races. But those that I did were some of my most fun races of the season. I’ve written about this before. But what I really enjoy is meeting people, feeling their passion for their sport and seeing the kids out there racing. Makes me smile just thinking about it. I’ve posted a race report for yeterday’s race.

So this week is a busy one. We are going to Rhode Island for the last of the Verge series races. Home on Sunday night/Monday morning. Then off to Belgium on Tuesday. Lucky. So very lucky. Just reviewed the race calendar for our trip. Lots of racing happening. And for me lots of different types of racing. I won’t be racing at the World Champs this year but I’ll still get a good dose of elite women’s racing – three World Cups, Scheldecross, Azencross, Surhuisterveen, and Sint Michelsgestel. Throw in a bunch of races with juniors and masters and I’m good to go.

Alright, I’m off. Other writing to do. Listening to some retro Prodigy right now. Gets the blood flowing. Have a good one. See you in Rhode Island.

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