Grand Finale

Last night marked the end of the local Ottawa cyclo-cross racing season. A massive crowd of racers, parents and spouses of racers came together at the Rideau Curling Club for the OBC Cyclo-Cross Banquet.

I can safely say this was a great night. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Bob read out the participation stats for this booming cyclo-cross series. Most impressive where the numbers of women, girls and boys racing this season. This is awesome. This is what the sport needs – more participation especially from the young ones. Bob made mention of the junior boys who raced this year – these guys really have come a long way. Only a few years ago, I could lap these guys – not anymore – they lapped me on Sunday.

This night is really about recognizing the tireless efforts of Bob, Cheryl, Ian and Rosemarie as well as recognizing the winners of each category. The categories ranged from girls under 12 to Masters C. Again – this is awesome. Patty K. wrote a great cyclo-cross poem that she shared with us – thanks Patty! (Very brave to get up in front of all those people and read a poem.)

The evening culminated with the raffle prizes. Once again The Cyclery and Eurosports each donated a frame – congrats to the winners. As well, The Cyclery, Eurosports, Coca-Cola and other individuals donated raffle prizes. Thanks so much for the great donations.

I had the chance to speak with a lot of people last night. And all I can say is – Thanks. As you know we’re leaving for Belgium on Tuesday – your kind words, enthusiasm, and support will go far in keeping me in the mix while racing with the best. Marc and I thoroughly appreciate your thoughts and words.

A treat was getting to spend some time catching up with Mrs. Fraser. I’ve known Mrs. Fraser for a while now – probably 14 years. I don’t see her often. But she always remembers me and has great stories to share about Gord and his racing days. Mrs. Fraser and her husband started the OBC cyclo-cross series a long time ago (I think in the ’70s). It is most impressive that this series has lasted so long – especially since it is completely volunteer run.

I didn’t get to do many races in the OBC series this year. But those that I did were some of the most fun races I’ve competed in this season. Thanks for making my Sunday mornings.

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