Like I Never Left

Feeling pretty much at home here in Belgium. I really feel like I’ve never left. Everything just seems to fit so well together – biking, me, and Belgium. All the hassle we went through trying to get here was totally worth it.

Yesterday was a pretty busy one and I definitely went to bed a bit wiped out. Marc was a star and got all our bikes put together.

Got out on a little ride today. Thanks to Jos we are set up with some road wheels so we don’t have to do all the tire swapping we did last year. Marc, Ed, and I hit up a really nice bike path close to the house here in Westmeerbeek. This path is super smooth and wide enough for three abreast. It basically goes through people’s back yards and farmyards. Quiet and peaceful. Dead straight and of course flat. Made it to the canal and then turned back. The path along the canal is awesome. Hoping to get a ride in on it on Monday.

Marc and Ed have got Ed’s bike problem fixed. In the end a bike is coming for Ed from Ottawa. Once again Steve and Vince have come through and are really making a big difference in Ed’s racing and riding here in Belgium. Thanks so much guys for helping Ed out.

Not much else happened today. Normal goings on. Finally have everything unpacked and sort of organized. Got the race bag packed for tomorrow. Packed a short sleeve skinsuit to make sure the rain gods stay away. Racing with the juniors tomorrow – so it is bound to be fast and furious. Have no idea what to expect of the race course or my legs. Just have to see. I felt pretty good today. (Must have been those Skins…)

Okay, well I best be off. Have to make some sandwiches and then go to bed. No peanut butter and banana for me here. Had to switch to gouda, prosciutto, and dijon mustard. But the bonus is my recovery drink is nice smooth bottle of Cecemel.

Good luck in Kansas City. I’ve got my favorites and my race predictions. Best of luck to the fine racers from New England – I’ll be cheering for you.

3 thoughts on “Like I Never Left

  1. Thanks for the comments. Karl, in a few years you’ll have to come over and check out the racing scene here. You’ll love it.

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