Good Things

I always say good things happen to good people. I realized today that this is what our trip is – a good thing. Good for the soul. Good for the brain. Good for the legs and lungs. Good for us. Not to mention that we’re pretty lucky to be here. Suffice it to say, today has been another good day.

Not much happened really. Normal stuff. Work. Riding. Chillaxing.

The ride was good. We joined the group ride from Begijnendijk. Today there were three groups of 50! Can you believe it? A huge mix of riders, abilities and experience. Pros. Semi-pros. Retired pros. Wannabes and hangers on. Nice pace that ranges between 30 – 35 km an hour. Two by two. Everyone takes a pull at the front. I dropped off in Averbode and then made my way back here (I only wanted to get 90 minutes in). Jos stayed with the group until Nieuwrode – she got 63 km in – pretty smooth. Marc and Ed did the full route – ended up being a little over 70 km and two hours in time. So next time looks like I’ll do the whole route – not much difference between two hours and 90 minutes…

Tomorrow we’re heading to Antwerp to pre-ride the Scheldecross race course. Really looking forward to racing this Friday. I get to watch Marc and Ed race. Then I race. And then we get to totally have a blast and watch the elite men race. I’ve got my favorites – Page (of course) and Vervecken (such an awesome rider). Looking forward to cheering and taking lots of pictures. Of course I’m looking forward to racing – I really like this course – lots of sand, flat, a big fly-over, and lots of crowds.

I’ll race again on Saturday. Probably just a local race around here. Looks like Zolder right now. No racing for me on Sunday. The logistics were too much so I’m not doing the World Cup in Nommay. I’ll be saving my first World Cup race for Zolder on Dec. 26.

So there you have it. Good times had by all. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow and post them (no guarantee though – I’m not so good in the photo department…).

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