U.S. UCI Cyclo-Cross Schedule

The smooth folks at Cyclocross Magazine got a sneak peak at the U.S. UCI cyclo-cross schedule for 2009.

It is going to be a busy season. Looks like I might have to move down to New England for a little bit. Has to be more effective than driving back and forth to Ottawa every Friday and Sunday.

Throw in Canadian Nationals and the Toronto UCI weekend and it will be a stacked schedule. Fun stuff. Lets just hope that Canadian Nationals are not scheduled for some early date in October again… I’d really like to race at Gloucester in ’09… Edmonton, Alberta is nice but it can’t compare to the crowds and vibes at Gloucester (man, I love this race).

Okay, back to reality. And damn, my reality is pretty darn fine right now – 7 a.m, quiet house, mug of earl grey tea, in Westmeerbee, Belgium. Hmm, loving my reality. l8r.

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