Under the Weather

Bit under the weather here. Woke up with that little scratchy tickle in the back of my throat. Decided not to ride today. I did move the old bones around though – one hour of yoga -just to keep things limber. Pretty chilled out morning – quality time spent with my book.

Jumped in the car with the guys for a little road trip to Bergen-Op-Zoom. Visited Hoppman’s – a great bike store. Picked up an cycling undershirt, shoe covers, and a cap. Nothing too exciting – but good deals. I left the guys in the store and had a good wander around the town center. Lots of great shops. Only did some window shopping. Did pick up some very nice black licorice oh and the best Dutch treat every – vla. Vla is the best dessert/snack going – similar to yogurt and pudding – creamy, thick, but low in calories and high in protein.

That was the highlight of the day. Tomorrow the plan is to pre-ride the Zolder World Cup course…. Send me some fast healing vibes – I need this sore throat to go away. Starting Friday I’m racing every other day for a week – so there is no time for a cold. Any good remedies? I’m drinking lots of tea and gargling warm salty water…

Merry Christmas. Have a good one tomorrow. Sleep in. Dream of shiny new bikes and super fast wheels. Remember to indulge – it is Christmas after all. I’ve got a bowl of All-Bran Choco with my name on it!