Zolder Pre-Ride

Well, I was unsure about pre-riding today since my head is still wrapped in head cold fogginess. But I vowed not to ride hard and to take it easy on the course. All I can say is, I’m super happy I went to pre-ride. The course has some sections that really need to be ridden a few times to get a feel for them.

There are two sandy descents. The longer one is kind of sketchy but my tactic is to just choose my line, take it confidently and not look at the people or metal barriers! There is a super steep run-up – I actually have to use my hand to help me up. A bunch of fast sandy corners. Some steep climbs. It is generally a pretty good course. It is fast and challenging.

Many thanks to Marc and Ed for their help out there today. Marc and I went over the key sections a bunch of times so I could try out ways to ride them. There will be new lines tomorrow I’m sure but at least now I’ve got a good visual imprint in my brain.

Merry Chrismtas! Sorry – kind of forgot that it is Christmas. We kicked off the day with a trip to our favorite bakery – the Blauberg bakery. We picked up a cake, a variety of different types of buns, and our favorite bread. We had a nice group breakfast (without Jos – she is sick in bed….) and then we generally flaked out until leaving for Zolder to pre-ride.

Didn’t really have a “traditional” Christmas supper. Well, unless Thai red curry chicken, rice, salad and more cake is traditional…

Just have to get my bag packed up and I’m good to go for tomorrow. I must admit I had a bit of panic attack/case of the nerves while pre-riding today. Part of this is caused by the cold I’m sure. The rest – well I’m not sure really. But I’m good now. It is a race. Yes, it is a World Cup – but I’m not expected to win the race so really the only pressure I have is the pressure I put on myself. I can ride the course. Some sections really well. Other sections fairly okay. I know part of my struggles is with just letting the bike do its thing in the sand…

I’m well setup with a mechanic/pit man for the day – so this is one big stress off my shoulders. Marc and Ed are racing in Reusel, NL and will make it to Zolder in time for my race.

Okay, I’m going to sign off. Time to get lots more liquid in me and to chillax a bit. Hope you had a good Christmas. Send some fast vibes tomorrow – to all of us. Have a good one.

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