No Push-Biking Today

Tim always says “One of the hardest things for a cyclist to do is not ride.” Well, today I didn’t ride. No push-biking for me today. I wanted to. I really wanted to. Tim offered to take me out and help me with my sprinting. But this morning I really felt like death warmed over.

A hacking cough. Dead legs. And just a general feeling of malaise. So I made the tough but smart decision not to ride. Have to look forward. I have two big races next week that I want to be sharp for. So the guys went out for a ride, joined by Rachel Lloyd and her boyfriend Sam. Sounds like a good ride. Frosty but sunny. I stayed here and chilled out. Finished another book and then did some yoga with Baron Baptiste. A super hot shower rounded it all out and I’m feeling a bit better now.

Doubtful that I’ll race tomorrow. Not sure if it will help me recover from this cold thing. I’ll play it by ear. Just made the decision – no racing for me tomorrow. Longish ride instead. Hopefully some sprinting lessons from Tim on Monday and then race action Tuesday. Pretty smooth.

Just chilling out here in Westmeerbeek. About to start another book and just really lie around and do nothing.

Hope you’re having a solid Christmas break. Sorry there isn’t much cyclo-cross related news to post today. Have a good one.

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