Snowball Effect

Marc and I were talking about the snowball effect over supper. (A fine supper at Sultan’s…) The snowball effect is essentially the idea of letting things build and build until ostensibly you have a snowball. To use this as a verb: one is snowballing. Now this is not a good thing. This is a negative thing, this snowball effect. It is dangerous and if one is not careful, it can drag you down.

I struggle with avoiding the snowballs. Generally I’m fairly optimistic. But in times of stress and uncertainty, I can definitely let things build and turn into a massive snowball. This is one of my goals for 2009 – to put the snowball effect to rest. No more for me. It won’t be easy, but I think really keeping things in perspective and remembering to be appreciate what I have and have done will go far in preventing the abominable snowball.

On the topic of snow – it is finally melting here in Belgium. We had a fine day of plus 5. Got in a pretty smooth ride outside. Found some new roads. Pedaled along some of my favorite roads. Generally had a great time on the bike. Got soaked but luckily I was wearing my trusty MEC waterproof pants. Gotta love those sealed seams. Followed the ride up with a most excellent yoga session. The yoga via DVD is good but I do miss my regular hot power classes – there is something about the heat that is so soothing.

On Sunday I went to Kasterlee and rode with Marc. This is a pretty sweet place to train. Fully marked cyclo-cross loop that is 2.5 km long. Not sure what the terrain is really like since we were riding in snow. There are some good climbs, fast corners, and lots of dodging of trees.

Just getting the details sorted out for Surhuisterveen. Hotel is booked. Same place we stayed last year – the hotel with the bowling alley attached to it. I do remember the excellent buffet breakfast we had last year. One thing I do like about European hotels are the breakfasts. So we are heading out tomorrow, racing Wednesday and then we are going to Amsterdam for some touring around. A pretty good way to spend the day.

The World Cup in Roubaix is on Sunday. This will be my last ‘cross race of the season. So far the plan is for Marc and I to go to Roubaix on Thursday to pre-ride (he can’t come to this race since he is racing in Belgium on Saturday and Sunday).

So that’s all the action there is to report here in Belgium. Had a fun time at the market in Heist-Op-Den-Berg. Check out Victoria’s Island for some pictures and a details of the trip.

Massive congrats to Nikki Harris on being selected to the Great Britain team for the Cyclo-Cross World Champs in Hoogerheide. Check out the article about Nikki on Pezcycling.

One thought on “Snowball Effect

  1. Have a great time in Holland and stay safe – you know how crazy those Dutch are. Ah yes, the ole snowball effect – tough to avoid even on cyclocross bike!

    top fan;

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