I was in the bath, relaxing with a cup of tea and the latest issue of Cyclocross Magazine, when I realized that I neglected to post to this little site. Sorry about that. Lucky for you the best ‘cross magazine in the land sparked my memory.

So I’m back home. Back in Ottawa. There is snow. A lot of snow. And it is cold. No, Tim – I can’t ride outside. It is way too cold for that. So now what? 2008 – 2009 is in the books. Well, I’m looking forward. Planning. Thinking. Rejuvenating. Recovering.

Getting ready for an even better season of training and racing. Last year, I did a lot of road racing. Basically I tried to race every weekend. This might not sound challenging if you live in Belgium where there are two races every weekend for women less than two hours drive away. But here in Ottawa, it can be a challenge to find a race and get to it. Luckily the Quebec racing scene is very strong and there are races pretty much every Sunday. I love road racing. But this year I think I’ll be doing less. My big goals are with cyclo-cross, so if I have to sacrifice some road racing to achieve the ‘cross goals, so be it.

This being said, I’m hoping to find a team to race the Tour de PEI with (hint, hint, hint). I’d even be up for the Montreal-based stage race the week before Tour de PEI (hint, hint, hint). I had listed some road goals and sent them to my coach. But now, I think I need to re-evaluate the road goals and make sure they still fit in with my ‘cross goals.

Cyclo-cross goals. So what are they for 2009 – 2010? Well, the big one is: qualify for the Canadian National team and race at the Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic. I’m working on a list of smaller, intermediary goals as well. I learned the hard way that the “all or nothing” goal system for me does not work – I set one big goal last season and then spent a lot of time floundering on the bike trying to find another goal. Already in this list of intermediary goals: win the Ontario Provincial Cyclo-Cross Championship title again and consistently place in the top 10 at every New England Verge Series race. I’ve got to work out some additional goals – these will come after speaking with coach Steve and with Nick from Summit Consulting.

I’m on a rest/recovery week. So far so good. Struggling a bit with fatigue today (we flew home on Tuesday). I’m feeling refreshed mentally and I’m looking forward to Monday and getting on the trainer. I’ve got my new yoga schedule worked out. I’m reviewing the Precision Nutrition material and will start the program fully on Monday.

I had a dream about cyclo-cross last night. It was so real and vivid, it was actually a bit disturbing. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty but the emotions I experienced in the dream I think were symoblic of the emotions I experienced this cyclo-cross season. I hit super highs and some very low points in my dream. To the point where when I woke up I actually thought I had been crying.

Not sure what this dream means. Never had a dream about cyclo-cross before. But I’m taking it as a positive sign: a sign that the lessons from last season are stored and recorded and that I’m ready. Ready for more hard work, challenges, success, and improvement.

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