Quiet Times

Pretty darn quiet in this little blog space. Nothing going on with training. Still getting things sorted with my coach and taking some downtime. As luck would have it I’m now down and out with a wicked sore throat. You know the one – hurts to swallow, ear aches, scratchy throat, fever, chills. Yep that’s what I have. Suppose it is a sign from my body that I need a break. But I’ve got to say, this rest thing is hard to do.

I don’t know how some cyclists do it – taking 2 – 3 months off. I’d really go crazy. Plan is to start back with some yoga this weekend. Get my strength and conditioning program sorted out next week and then start riding hopefully on Monday (assuming I’m feeling good).

I don’t have any firm racing plans for the summer. I’ll be racing for The Cyclery (I raced for this team last year and it is the perfect fit). Hoping to do the Tour of PEI and there are some races in Quebec and Ontario that I’d like to do. But we’ll see what happens. The focus has really shifted to cyclo-cross so if a road race doesn’t make sense – then it won’t happen.

I will be hitting up the trails on my mountain bike and my ‘cross bike. So if you have the patience and want to show a newbie some “mad off-road skills”, let me know. I’m in the development phase right now – what needs to be developed to make it to Tabor? So far on the list I have: improved technical skills, improved acceleration and explosiveness, improved overall body strength, and a better mental state. This is a pretty big list already but there is room for more. I’m looking to improve and now is the time to try different things to see what works and what doesn’t.

Okay, I’m out. Think I might have a nap. (Yah, I can nap in the middle of the day now… My company shut down on Friday (nice welcome back from Belgium gift! So I’m on the job hunt – no job is too small for this writer/editor. You can check out my resume if you want.) Okay enough of a shameless plug. Have a good one. Keep on keeping on.

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