Bike Action

Well, it has started. The road racing season is fully underway. I know the racing season started a few weeks ago in Europe but for us living here in North America, the Tour of California kicks it all off. Lots of Canadian racers making their mark in this challenging stage race. Thanks to Cycling TV, we’re able to stay up-to-date with the racing action.

Came across this article about the women’s crit yesterday. Less so about the race, this article really highlights the differences between the pro men’s and women’s peletons. Anyway, worth a read.

Still no training for me. I had planned to start last week. But I got sick. The sore throat progressed to a double ear infection and swollen/infected lymph nodes. Sigh. So now I’m on antibiotics. Plan is to get some pedaling in late this week. I’m not in panic mode yet. More so I just want to feel my body moving again. Thinking of going to yoga tonight – don’t think it will do any harm.

Scheduled an appointment at OHPC to meet with JZ and get a strength and conditioning program worked out for the season. Plans are slowly taking shape. Looks like the mountain bike will get some good work outs this summer. I’ll be exploring some new trails (for me) in the Gatineau Park on my ‘cross bike. Doing some riding at Kanata Lakes. Getting in my share of quality road rides and races as well. It is going to be a busy spring and summer of building more fitness, more strength, increasing my technical skills, and building the all-important confidence.

Looks like all the local road teams are taking shape. Funny it is the same cast of characters, just shuffled around a bit. Some interesting new ventures. But as usual, it will be the tried and true who rise to the top. Any predictions?

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