Hey dudes! What’s going on? Quiet times here in cyclo-cross land. Suppose we need some quiet to make us crave the action that much more. Don’t know what you’re up to, but I’m in the first block of training for 2009 – 2010.

I’ve been hitting the gym three times a week and moving heavy things around. Wow – I’ve definitely discovered some muscular deficiencies and imbalances. Funny, like you, being a cyclist, I have strong legs. Or so I thought. Through some squats, lunges and swiss ball moves in and the legs aren’t feeling so strong. Lets just say I’ve been making ample use of our deep bathtub and relaxing bath salts. After a week and half, my legs are finally over the dull aches and pains. Not so much for my upper body. These spindly little bike racer arms aren’t such big fans of dumbells and heavy bars.

But you know what? I’m loving it. I love the sensations this work in the gym is giving me. I think I’m actually addicted to the dull aches and pains. That quad tightening that happens when walking up the stairs. That ache in the bicep when lifting a bag of groceries. Reminds me that progress is being made. Reminds me that I haven’t hit the plateau – there is still farther to go.

To balance out the gym work, I’m sweating up a storm in hot power yoga and getting all zen in yin yoga. This balance is so important. The strengthening, stretching, and calming helps keep me injury-free and focused.

Yes, I’m riding as well. Back to the routine on the trainer. I haven’t hit the heavy volume that I was doing this time last year. Keeping things calm and letting my body adjust to the new loads. Solid.

Just like I said early, things would be different this year. So far so good. Feeling strong. Feeling confident. This is the most important component – confidence. Knowing that I’m putting more pieces of the puzzle together. Funny thing is the more pieces I add, it seems the puzzle keeps getting bigger and more holes are exposed. Suppose this is the beauty of progress, success, and the road we call life?

Uh oh, starting to get deep here. Sorry about that. I seriously never know what is going to come out of these fingertips. Some days I’ve got pure gold and others day, well not so much. I consider today to be one of those golden days.

Alright, I’ve got to go. Time to get off this here computer and read a book. What book? Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Excellent read. Go get it. You won’t regret it. (Poet and didn’t even know it.)

(I’m on Twitter now. Search for me. Follow me. I’ll follow you.)

2 thoughts on “Happenin?

  1. Ah, the pythons. Well, they are more like worms these days… Too much time on the bike. But fear not, I predict a return of the pythons – Hulk Hogan look out – you’re not the only one sporting 26″ pythons!

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