Few Changes

I’ve made a few changes to the site to update it for the road season. Nothing to groundbreaking or startling. Anyway, I did less than I had planned. Okay honestly, I didn’t really have a plan. Just let my fingers do the walking.

So, how has training been going? In a few words: very well. I only had to spend one month riding indoors so this was a true gift. Thanks to being in Belgium until early February combined with a bit of a training break. Funny thing is I’m super happy to be riding outside, but I’m not sick of the trainer. Lucky I guess.

I’ve been riding outside pretty much everyday now for a week. Admittedly there have been some damp days that have convinced me that the dry basement is the better choice. Got in some great riding this past weekend. Hooked up with some Ottawa fast guys for a ride to Merrickville. Perfect day for it on Saturday. We had great weather, just the right amount of wind, and most of all – a great riding group. I’m super lucky to be able to ride with these guys – I do my “token” pull at the front and then I get to hide and suck wheels. The extra bonus is the couple of pushes I got from a few of the guys when I was hurting. Learned something valuable during this ride – my bod is slow to metabolize sugar. I had a can of Coke and peanut butter square during the cafe stop – well the effects of this sugar dump didn’t kick in until nearly an hour later. Hmm, think I’ll have to pay better attention to my on-the-bike nutrition and do a better job of timing my food intake. Honestly when we started the return trip, I was really suffering for a bit there, and then the sugar hit me and I had a second wind. Funny how the body works.

Sunday I got in an excellent session at the gym – really starting to feel the effects of my lifting program. I know that realistically it takes a while to actually grow muscle mass but I am feeling stronger and I think my muscles are starting to get a lot firmer. Maybe it is all in my head – this is okay too. Chased the gym work-out with a tempo interval session on the trainer – 3 x 8 at tempo pace with 2 minutes recovery. I was impressed that my legs felt fresh and were ready for the stress. Wasn’t sure how they would feel from Saturday’s long (4 hour) ride and the gym session.

Had planned a 90 minute spin today but I’ve got some strange ache in my right shin. So I pulled the plug on the ride. Ice and a little ibuprofen are on order instead. Tonight I’m off to yoga for heat.

This week signals the start of an intensity period. Yay! Yes, I love intensity. I really enjoy pushing my body to see how far deep I can push it and how it will recover. Lots of different intervals on deck this week combined with some super nice long rides on the weekend.

Pretty happy to be riding my bike and able to get out and enjoy the spring air. My first race with be the Calabogie Classic on April 19. Nothing like the first race of the season.

Don’t forget to mark May 17 on your calendars. Dust off your time trial bike and get a team together. This is going to be one fun day of racing and enjoying our two-wheelers.

Now, turn off the computer. Go home early and get a ride in before it starts raining again!

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