Good Tired

I’m tired. But a good tired. That kind of tired that comes from some solid work on the body. I slept in this morning and went to the gym a bit later than normal (8:45 instead of 6:45). As usual it was quiet. In fact there was only one other guy in the weights area. So nice, feels like my own personal gym.

Got in an excellent weight work-out. I have a two-day split program. Today was day 1. Day 1 features some killer leg work. I’m doing squats – but any old normal squats. Nope these are called one and one-quarter squats – squat down, come up part way, squat down, and then come up – this is one squat. Doesn’t sound like much but geez does it every fatigue the legs. I had a severe case of wobbly legs after the last set. This exercise is done in a pair with deadlifts. Not a friendly pair of exercises. What doesn’t kill me…

Anyway, a good time lifting heavy stuff. I was able to increase the weight in my upper body exercises and made it to the next level in one of my core exercises. I left the gym feeling fatigued but pumped with the strength and flexibility improvements I’ve made.

Quick refuel with chopped apple, ground flax seed and plain yogurt. Then I was out the door for fun times on the bike. Today was all about the sweet spot. Sweet spot intervals. I love these intervals. The killer component of these intervals are the seated hard accelerations that I have to do through-out the interval. Yikes, legs are screaming and then I have to accelerate and then continue with the rest of the interval.

Was a tad chilly during my ride. Somehow I managed to miss the sunshine. I’m not one to sit around and wait for the warmest part of the day. I find if I do this, I really end up wasting my day, waiting for the sun. I’ve got lots of warm Cyclery clothing so I’m good to go in any weather.

Check out this web site: Stevens/Cyclery team. This is a local Ottawa team with some pretty strong riders. Not to mention super friendly and supportive riders. The new kit looks pretty sharp – keep your eyes peeled for them this summer at the races. (I know I will be!)

In non-training/racing news… I’ve got a job! Yay! Start on Monday. Pretty happy about this. I’m super fortunate to find work in this tight market. Feeling pretty lucky I guess. It will be strange working in an office again, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. (I sure hope there are some office potlucks – I love potluck.)

Okay, I’m outta here. Have a good one. Remember it is early days in the season – don’t go crazy and rack up the big miles – your legs and brain won’t be too happy with you in June.