Tempo Time

Ah, it is tempo time. Tempo intervals. Can’t get enough of these. Challenging. Leg ache inducing. But not out-and-out sufferfests like threshold intervals.

I had a great training ride this morning. I think the intervals I did on Monday opened up my legs nicely and I really felt like I was flying. I was ontop of my gears and was having to hold back on the wattage. The two 10 minute intervals flew by. Even better when you’re not watching the clock.

Luckily I missed the nasty rain that hit Ottawa this afternoon. It was a tad cool, but I dressed for it with my warm gloves and hat.

Yep, a good day on the bike. I’m jetting off to yoga in a few minutes. Give the muscles and tendons a stretch and some soothing recovery with the heat. Great way to wind down for the night.

Sorry for the short post. Really nothing much new happening. Oh, well I did sign my contract today. So it is official, I start work on Monday. Wow – back in an office after two years. Plan is to commute by bike. One hour each way on the bus or one hour each way on the bike. Which would you choose? Granted, this commuting will add some wrinkles to my training. It will be interesting to see how my body reacts to the extra time on the saddle. Anyone out there who has tips on how to ensure quality training is still achieved while spending time on the bike commuting?