April Showers

Suppose we are deserving of this weather. Granted I was away for the bulk of the winter, but the winter I experienced was not that harsh. The warmish weather and lighter snowfalls we had in February and March are coming back to haunt us with April rain.

It is always a tough call – ride in the rain or ride the trainer? I for one, lean towards the rain, particularly if I have a long ride to do. Yes, I know there are risks with getting sick/cold, etc. But I race in the rain – so why not train in the rain? This being said I did ride the trainer today…

Primarily because I had a short ride to do and I needed to do some calibration stuff with my SRM. (Those are my excuses anyway…)

First day on the new job today. This has added a new wrinkle to my training. Gone are the mid-morning and early afternoon rides. When I was working from home I had an easy little system that allowed me to get a full work day in and my training done – all by 6:00. This system won’t work so well now. But once I get in the groove of commuting and the sun stays out longer, I’ll be back in a comfortable groove.

Race action on Friday. The Good Friday Road Race is on in Hamilton, ON. I won’t be racing, but Marc will. So we’ll be loading up the trusty Matrix on Thursday night and making the big drive to have some fun on two wheels. Nothing like the first race of the season. Lots of expectations, lots of disappointment, lots to learn.

Happy training. One more week of the wet stuff is okay. Then we need some fresh dry roads. Don’t forget May 17.

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