Ahh, Double Digits

Nothing quite like double digits to bring a smile to a Canadian cyclist’s face. Gotta love these temperatures. Such a nice change of pace. Been getting in some excellent riding this week. Adjusting to the new training schedule – no more afternoon rides for me… Also getting used to doing my weights in the morning and then riding later in the day. Those double days are challenging but I know they’ll pay off in the long run.

Gotta say, I’m loving the weight room. The pythons are back. My legs are feeling sharper and stronger. My back is much stronger. Moving on to the next phase of lifting this week. Looking forward to seeing what the new program will hold.

This time of the racing season is very interesting. People like to talk. To talk about their winter training programs – how much or how little they did. Some people like to downplay themselves – essentially this way if they have a “bad” result they are justified. Others talk a mean streak but aren’t there at the end – all show no go/got flash but no dash. It is hard to not get sucked into listening to this kind of chatter. Especially with all the blogs/twitter/etc. action out there.

The best way to avoid this mess, is to subscribe to the mantra that the cyclists who are truly in the know subscribe to:

Shut up and let your legs do the talking.

Might be harsh – but so is life. This mantra is similar to one my old taekwon-do coach used to remind of us before/after/during competitions – “you’re only as good as your last result”.

Okay I don’t want to ramble on. Guess what I’m trying to say is really keep things in perspective: the bike, yourself, the bike race, and remember there is a great big world out there. Someone somewhere is always going to talk more smack or have a more flash bike – doesn’t mean that person will be stronger/better/smarter than you.

This weekend remember to pedal through the corners and stay off the brakes.

(P.S. best of luck to the Ride with Rendall crew this weekend – they are going to the Tour of Battenkill for some hardcore racing. I’ll be thinking of you guys on Sunday. Drive safe and pedal hard.)

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