The Night Before…

So it is the night before the start of my 2009 road season. Having a pretty chilled out and relaxed evening. Thanks to my obsessive organizing, I’m pretty much all ready to go. The bag is packed – organized strategically. Bottles are ready – the super second bottle is looking pretty powerful. A wonderful mixture of flat Coke and water – my favorite late race drink. Post-race/recovery food is prepared. Nothing too special – three whole wheat tortillas with almond butter and slice banana, one apple, a bottle of strawberry Recoverite, and a can of Coke. It seems like a lot of food but I’m heading to the gym after the race for my weight work-out so I want to make sure I’ve got some decent calories in. I’ve got the driving directions sorted and the bike is prepped and ready to go.

Yep, I’m ready. Looking forward to racing. It is always nice to get the first race done. I have a pretty good idea of my fitness and my strengths right now. Now it is time to see what I can put together on race day. Smallish field tomorrow so it will be an interesting ride. The key for me will be to be smart. And to remember the number one rule: Don’t Panic.

The Ride with Rendall boys are down in Cambridge, N.Y. getting ready for the Tour of Battenkill. The elite men’s race is a big deal this year. I’m looking forward to hearing all about the race. I believe the guys race at 11 tomorrow – so send them some of your fast vibes and then remember to send me some a little bit later (my race starts at 11:18).

I read an interesting article about Denny Morrison (Canadian speedskater). This guy is committed. He does some pretty insane training. But the thing that stuck with me was this quote:

“Johann Koss came and told us ‘It’s not enough just to want it badly, you have to stay focused on the little things that can do it for you’,” Morrison said. “For me, as an Olympic athlete, when I am training, the training is all that matters. It’s what’s going to prepare me for the Olympic Games. It’s what keeps me training.”

One thought on “The Night Before…

  1. Hope your first race went well! Did my first road race on Sunday, and playing smart was the key to the day… I hope that Marc did well in NY!

    Question for you and Marc. I am looking for a bike shop in the valley (preferably closer to Carleton Place, Perth, Smiths Falls). My dad has a broken spoke on his rear wheel, and I want to be sure he doesn’t end up somewhere where they try to sell him a new fork or a new bike… Any recommendations?

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