Calabogie Take Two

Finally I’m getting to this little site and finding the time to write about this past weekend’s racing action. Sorry for the delay on this, my excuses really are a bit weak: sore finger and not a lot of time on my hands… None the less, here we are.

Sunday was a pretty decent day for a bike race. Particularly the season opener. It wasn’t terribly warm but not cold either. Typical April day really. I traveled solo to this race since Marc was down in Cambridge, N.Y. mixing it up at the Tour of Battenkill. Went through the typical pre-race stuff. Number pick-up. Chat and catch up with a few faces I hadn’t seen all winter. Key for me was a good warm-up. I’ve learned that my body likes a long warm-up. So off I went for 45 minutes of riding with a few tempo bursts thrown in. I also elected to follow my cyclo-cross warm-up method: warm-up in one set of clothing and then change into dry race clothing right before the race. This worked perfectly, I was able to roll to the start line in warm and comfortable clothing – I hate standing around in a damp sports bra and a clammy chamois.

So I’ve written a complete race report which you can read here…. In a nutshell, I missed the move. Frustrating, but such is bike racing. More lessons learned about reading a race and taking chances. Upside is that I felt super awesome. At no point was I feeling under pressure physically. This is what makes my error in missing the move even more annoying. Oh well, I’ve got lots more races to go… One drag about this race was that I lost all of my SRM data… Not sure what happened here – I most definitely pushed a button or two that I shouldn’t have.

I got in a decent little cool down after the race. Chugged my strawberry Recoverite and munched my post-race food. Mmm, liking the almond butter/banana tortilla wraps after a race. A nice little treat and chock full of protein and carbs. Made my way to the Sportsplex for my strength work-out.Yes, I did a weight work-out after the race. This was the plan – to tax my body heavily. Hence, the requirement for a solid cooldown and post-race food. Gym time was good. Legs felt pretty strong all things considered.

Rest of the day (not much left at this point) was pretty quiet. Long relaxing bath. Visit to the bookstore to browse the magazines and sip a warm drink. Murphy the cat and I enjoyed the backyard – he ate grass and I had some tasty Indian food. And that’s how it all went down.

Definitely so nice not to have to travel far for a race. Gotta like the easy 90 minute drive down the highway. The Ride with Rendall guys did super well at the Tour of Battenkill. They were in tough with a very elite field and an extremely challenging race course. Sounds like all the guys left it all out on the dirt roads and relentless climbs. Congrats for such strong racing. Extra congrats to Derrick SJ for going the distance – very impressive.

Next up for me is hopefully G.P. St. Martine this Sunday. I’m working on arranging a ride to the race – everyone else in the city is racing at Paris Roubaix… Hmm, I’m almost considering racing Paris Roubaix. Maybe the signs are pointing me towards this race. Not sure though. I don’t have fond memories of the race – but that was years ago (1995)… Maybe it is time to toe the line?

(Just got in from the first NRC training crit of the season. Where were you? Small group out tonight. Definitely made it a challenging ride. I died a few times out there. But survived it. Fun night was had. Thanks to Ross for running the races for us again this season.)

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