Good Day at the Office

That would be the “bike” office. Kicked off the day with a solid weight work-out. I’m in an intense phase of the lifting program now. So this means four sets instead of three for a lot of the exercises. Got to say after four sets of split squats followed by four sets of one-legged deadlifts, I was feeling it a bit. But in a really good way.

The big debate this morning was should I ride to work in the rain or take the car? I elected to ride to work since I wanted to ride home from the Gatineau Park tonight. In the end it was an excellent call. I got a bit soggy on the way to work but I was prepared and packed extra cycling clothes to ensure I had dry training clothes.

Hooked up with Skip at the Kingsbridge headquarters and set off on our ride. We took the O-Train from South Keys to Bayview. Very cool. Smart way to dodge the crazy traffic and it made it easy to hop on the bicycle path. We hooked up with Jay at the gates and set off for a loop. I really wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first time riding in the park.

Happy to say, my legs felt excellent. Lots of snap and the pedals turned over nicely. The ride was most excellent. It was refreshing to ride and chat and then go hard on the climbs. All in all it was a great ride. Definitely up for more like it. I rode home from the park, making it a good solid training ride.

It was a beautiful night and apart from the crazy bugs at Champlain Look-Out, the ride was picture perfect.

I did have grand plans to go to the grocery store tonight… Didn’t happen. Got home at 8:00 and offered to take Marc out for supper. Some spicy eggplant and beef satay followed by chai latte and I’m feeling totally recovered from my ride. I’ll just have to hit the grocery store tomorrow… (Mind you, that’s what I said yesterday!)

So as you know, I don’t typically comment on the professional cycling scene. There are plenty of excellent web sites out there, that do a good job of this. But I do have to make a comment about the Giro coverage. More specifically the Giro coverage by CBC Radio. Imagine my surprise when I heard the words Giro d’Italia on the 7:55 sportscast this morning on the way to the gym. Basically the report was: Danillo won yesterday, Armstrong was xxx seconds/minutes down and Michael Barry the lone Canadian is two hours down. That’s it! To a casual cycling fan, this would sound like the lone Canadian wasn’t doing very well… Which is completely wrong and an incorrect assumption. But imagine if you hear, two hours down. I guess the point I’m trying to make is – it doesn’t help the sport to “half-cover” it. Maybe an extra 20 seconds could have been added to the report, pointing out that Barry has spent this race working for his teammates and basically pulling the peleton all over Italy? And really, lets face it, the only reason the Giro even garnered CBC Radio news coverage was because of Armstrong. Sigh. I’m not a Lance fan but I’m not a Lance hater either. But I’m tired of constantly hearing about how he is doing, while overlooking the “real stars” of the sport…

Okay, end of the rant. Sorry about that. I may have got off track there, but hopefully I made some sense.

All right, time to go. Gotta go write on my other web site. Have a good one. Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Good Day at the Office

  1. loven’ the O-train at times. It’s a saviour.
    During the cold fall months, I sometimes jump on the O-train home.
    Yah can take the old rail bridge over to the bike path on the quebec side…
    The O-train saved me a couple of times (on wet fall cold days).
    love the O-train.

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