State of Mind

It is so very true. It really is about your state of mind. I came to this nirvana-like breakthrough while ripping up some singletrack on my ‘cross bike this afternoon. I was rolling along, dodging trees and bunnyhopping big tree roots when it hit me.

A few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to put such a ride together. In fact I can remember very clearly how I was riding such terrain this past January. To put it bluntly: badly. All over the brakes. Looking directly in front of the front wheel. Tense shoulders. Angry brain. Generally a very ugly bike racer.

But now things have changed. I’m re-ignited. Re-focused. Jazzed for the upcoming cyclo-cross season. Committed to doing the hardwork necessary to race at Tabor.

So today was awesome. I was one with the bike. Riding well. Focused on keeping my feet moving – even when I wasn’t sure what was around the bend. I was looking ahead – scanning the trail for roots, obstacles, etc. I was controlling the bike – moving it around to flow through corners and up steep little climbs. I hit the sand hard and made sure my weight was back and my legs were spinning like crazy to keep my momentum and speed.

I was in it. Fully and Completely (thank-you Tragically Hip). I presume I was grinning the entire ride as well. I was simply playing. Good stuff. So it really does make a difference where your head is at. Thankfully, mine is back where it should be: squarely on my shoulders and ready to go.

Today marked my third ride on my ‘cross bike this season. So much fun. I feel like I’m stronger technically today than I was last winter. I know, I’ve only been out three times. But I feel different. Stronger. Smarter. It is like the lessons that I was rebuffing and ignoring last season have had time to trickle in through my thick skull. Yep, I’m finally getting it.

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