Super Lucky

Wow – what a great day it has turned out to be. One of those days I just feel so fortunate to be surrounded and supported by such fine people. This may sound like over-the-top gushing, but it isn’t. I really do feel super lucky today.

I met up with Vince at The Cyclery today and I was overwhelmed with his generosity. Along with running a bustling cycling store, Vince is a huge supporter of the local racing community. Once again he has gone out of his way to support me for the upcoming cyclo-cross season. I’m feeling pretty darn lucky today. Thanks Vince! Go check out the store. The shop has a fine shipment of Dugast tires and you know you want some. How about a new bike? A new helmet? New shoes? Okay – you get the idea. Anyway, check out the store – you’ll be impressed by the quality of service and knowledgeable staff.

Really this support I get with bikes, groupos, wheels, service, handlebars, pedals, etc. is simply awesome. It makes my life so much easier knowing that I am riding super reliable and fast bikes: Stevens Super Prestige. These bikes are well-designed, agile, and have a pretty darn nice paint job as well. If you’re thinking of buying a new ‘cross bike this year or maybe you want a new road bike – go check out Stevens Bikes.

Sure sign that ‘cross season is around the corner – registration for the first weekend of the New England Verge Series opens on Monday. Crazy that we are registering for ‘cross races in July. Definite sign of the incredible growth and popularity of the sport. I’m stoked to return to Vermont this fall to race at Catamount. These are super fun race courses that offer terrain for everyone. Extra bonus is hooking up with all my ‘cross buddies who I haven’t seen all summer. Be sure to remember to register on Monday.

Well now I best be off. Early to bed for me. Have to get up at the crack of dawn to get ourselves out to the Gatineau Park for the OBC Grand Prix. Marc is up for 6 laps of the park. I have to do 3. Check back later tomorrow for a race report and story about the day. Feeling like this good luck and fortune will keep following me this weekend. Looking forward to some fun on the road bikes. As for next weekend – who is up for a ‘cross ride? Come on you know you want to…

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