Crit Racing in Ottawa

Sorry for the delayed post on Sunday’s bike racing action. Ended up being a long day and I decided not to open up my little black apple last night. So it was a good day on the bike. Didn’t win. Didn’t get on the podium. But I had a really good race. I really really wanted to win. I tried. But it didn’t turn out in my favor. Such is bike racing. Play the cards and hope it works. Reality is that everyone else wants to win as well, and there is only one top step. Anyway you can read the full on details over here.

Have to say a big thanks to Alyssa and Sophie for the great riding on Sunday. We were able to work together a bit to try to make things work. It was a nice change to race with some other people and really to feed off one another’s energy. Also thanks to Marc for helping me out and keeping me relaxed and chilled out. Also for pointing out the good things that came from the race even though I didn’t reach my goal.

Definitely was a great way to spend a Sunday. I raced earlyish – 9:15 and then we came home for a bit before going out for Marc’s race at 2:15. Gave me a chance to shower and chill a bit and gave Marc time to relax and get in a decent lunch. One of the best parts about such a race day is hanging out watching Marc and our friends race. I get to see a lot of guys race who I don’t normally get to watch and the extra bonus is hanging out with friends. It was the perfect day for it. Marc’s race went well – super fast and quite aggressive. He rode well and finished 12th in the Senior 1/2 field – so a good day for him as well.

All in all, I’d have to say it was a pretty fine weekend in July. Didn’t do much besides race our bikes, but this is the way we like it. Not much on the race calendar for me until August 30 when I’m going to Binghamton to race at Chris Thater. Always enjoyed this race – great way to finish the road season and bring on the ‘cross season. Now I’ll be spending more time on the ‘cross bikes and getting into even more specific training. Looking forward to it. Alright, I’m out. Have a good one. I’ll check back in with you in a few days. Dig out that ‘cross bike – because the season is just around the corner.

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