Getting Organized

Busy times here in the land of Ottawa Cross. Putting the finishing touches on planning for the upcoming cyclo-cross season. Took the new Stevens Super-Prestige bikes into The Cyclery to get Fearless Leader to put together and make super fast. I’ve got some new fly TRP brakes to go on them not to mention a couple of sweet groupos. Yep, really counting my lucky stars and feeling the overwhelming support of Vince. This is the third season that Vince has come forward to help me out and help fuel my quest for cyclo-cross racing dreams. Like I said, lucky stars.

Worked on pulling together my cyclo-cross race schedule on the weekend. I’ve got to run it by the master planner (aka Marc the Shark) and then I’ll post it up here for you to browse. Lets just say, the racing action kicks off on Sept. 19 – at Nittany Lions in Pennsylvania. Cool – never been to Pennsylvania. I know it is going to be a good time. The new racing schedule is looking pretty jam-packed – perfect. I feel the need to race my bike.

The new Ottawa Cross kit is going to be sharp again this season. My order is in at Champion and the goods will be arriving any day now. New this year are shorts, long sleeve jersey and some super duper full-length bib tights. Oh yeah, not only will be I fast but I’ll look good doing it. (Sorry a little ego action there – a girl has got to have some fun…)

Training is going well. I’ve been forced to cut back a bit while I get on top of this ulcerative colitis gig. But I’m getting there. Feeling better everyday. Spirits are coming around. Body is feeling better. I’ve got to say that this experience is really reinforcing a few wise words shared by Tim Harris “The hardest thing a bike racer can do is not ride his bike”. True. So very true. I had to face facts and admit to myself that I needed to rest, to sleep, to take some serious recovery days and just leave the bike alone. So hard. But, I did it. I suppose the faith in my training so far and knowing that I have been doing all I can, made it a bit easier. But wow, is it ever hard to not ride, especially when the season is just around the corner. Really, I guess this is why it is so important to rest right now…

I’m stoked for the season. Looking forward to seeing my “cyclo-cross pals” again, traveling to new and familiar races, amped to go back to Belgium. Just generally feeling happy about cyclo-cross. The support and I’ve received from you guys and my sponsor is simply overwhelming. Just know that every time I line up, I’ll be doing it with you in mind. Everywhere I look, I see inspiration and commitment. People pushing themselves to new levels and putting the words “I can’t” on the shelf. The super smooth guys at Kingsbridge are going for it and are jumping on their bikes doing so in the name of cancer research. These guys have such a contagious energy for all things “bike and life” that I agreed to do the 24 Hours of Solstice with them next year. Yes, I know – it is a mountain bike race, a 24 hour mountain bike race – this means riding my bike in the dark… Like I said, contagious energy can be overwhelming and inspiring.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in. Really looking forward to catching up in person at the races. And if we haven’t met – please stop by and say hello. 2009 is looking pretty darn special. Happy pedaling.

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