It Is Time

Wow, it is that time again folks. Time for us Canadians to get registered for the Canadian Cyclo-Cross Championships. Can you believe it is the first week of September and we’re registering for nationals? Ah well, such is the price of living in the Great White North.

I for one don’t mind that Nationals are so early. I suppose this is because I have a long season to go after Nationals. It is nice to have a key race early in the season and then build from there. This year, I’ll be able to get six races in before Nationals. This is good. Really good.

Anyway, not much else to say. Except: get registered. Book your flights. Book your hotel. Get ready to go to Edmonton and have some fun

P.S. took the new Mavic Fury shoes out for a spin. In a couple of words: I love them. So light. So comfy. So much cushioning. Like a soft duvet for my feet. Digging the yellow. They match my Livestrong bracelet perfectly.

Tomorrow’s training is all about ‘cross. I’ve got about three hours slated. Time will be spent ripping around the woods and checking out the new trails Marc discovered. Then I’ll come back to my neighbourhood park and set up the flags. Turning, turning, accelerating, maintaining speed, and smiling. Then I’ll toss on the running shoes and do some hill repeats. A lot happening. But in a good way. Luckily Sunday is all about recovery. I think Saturday afternoon might involve a great deal of sitting and sipping tea…