Very Quick Post

Okay, don’t have a lot of time. I’m about to dash off to the movies (Time Traveler’s Wife). But I just had to post this link that I found thanks to Greg Keller’s twitter post. Now, I’m not a big online video viewer, but this is worth it.

Just watch it. It is sweet. Makes me want to ditch my movie plans and get out on my bike…

Speaking of bike. I picked up one of my new bikes today! It is sweet. Yes, I’ll post photos. (Hopefully on the weekend.) All I can say is slick red, white, and black Stevens paint job, white bar tape, red Hudz, white saddle. Oh yeah, this bike is hot. And I’m going to be getting another one just like it next week! I’m super lucky.

Massive shout out to Vince at The Cyclery for hooking me up with these bikes and to Steve for building them for me. I owe both of you guys big time. I guess it will be “go big or go home” in the baked goods department!

Okay, I gotta go. Movie time is fast approaching. Ah, got to love Thursday – this is my recovery day.

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