In the Groove

I’m fully in the non-working just-bike-riding groove. It is nice. Really nice. Though I do feel a bit spoiled to be in this groove right now. Funny how when all I have to do is ride, the day can still seem pretty darn full. I think because I end up doing everything a bit more slowly… Ah well, it will be back to reality next Tuesday anyway.

Have to say this: it is darn cold out here in Edmonton. Where last week I was bemoaning the 26 celsius, I could definitely appreciate some of this warmth. Today I rode in 1 celsius with some kind of wind chill that cut right to the bone. Definitely relieved I packed my thermal bib tights and super warm Kingsbridge winter jacket. At least it was dry.

I hit up Red Willow Park again and then found a really decent long straight stretch of road for my intervals. Ended up in a little town/suburb called Oxford. A good little 90 minute ride to open the legs a bit and to get some of the speed/power sensations implanted on the brain and legs.

Really looking forward to racing this weekend. Excellent venue at Argyle Park. As well it is always cool to race in a Nationals championships. My thoughts feelings on the race? Don’t really have any expectations. I’m really working on listening to the words that Marc has been telling me for so long. Worry about performance and the outcomes will happen. So this is what I’ve been doing. Break down the course into sections – think about how I want to ride each section and during the race try to improve on each section. This could range from riding a flat stretch faster, taking a turn more smoothly and accelerating faster out of it, attacking the base of a climb, taking as much speed as possible into the barriers, or maintaining a high leg cadence through the sand. The other thing I do during races is talk to myself. Yes, I talk to myself. My lips don’t really move but I’m talking to myself inside my head. (Honest, I’m not crazy….) Anyway, I say things such as “Good job! Keep it up.” or “Next time try to take the corner a bit wider.”, or “Eyes up. Keep pedaling.”, or “Awesome race. You’re doing it. Nice one”. Really just positive self-talk to keep me focused and in a good racing mood.

Marc arrives tonight so this will be great. It has only been a week but it feels like much longer. Tomorrow we’ll get out for a light spin. Then Friday we’ll be out pre-riding. Then Saturday it is race day. Nice. Then Sunday we get to race again. Even better. Great way to spend Thanksgiving. Extra bonus is that my parents will be here to watch, cheer, and hang out with. Extra bonus is that next weekend in Toronto, my little bro and sister-in-law will be out to watch the races and hang out.

See you this weekend at the races. Travel safe.

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