Warp Speed

Finally catching my breath. Life has been moving pretty darn quickly lately. This is a good thing. This means I’m getting the most I can out of my days and that the future is looking bright. Much better than the alternative.

Got home from the Italy – Edmonton trip on Monday. Luckily it was an uneventful travel day. Some crazy shenanigans with the bikes and the miniature x-ray machines at oversize baggage. The security lady wanted me to take everything out of my bike box. This did not happen. Rather I schlepped my bike to the bigger x-ray machine – at the other end of the airport. Sigh.

Funny, on the plane when we heard the weather forecast for Ottawa, Marc and I thought we might go for a ride when we got home. Ha ha ha. After spending more time than normal getting our bikes put together and getting the laundry bonanza started – riding was the farthest things from our minds. Instead, it was a tasty meal of Vietnamese and Top Chef watching on the television.

I’m all booked for the winter. Flying out on November 2. Yes, that is soon. Very soon. Lots happening between then and now. But luckily I’ll have two weekends at home before leaving. Off to Toronto this weekend to race in the NACT races. Then Kingston the following weekend for a Sunday race. Nice. I love traveling for races. But I also need a bit of downtime before moving to Belgium for the winter.

Many many thanks for the emails, comments, and messages about the Nationals weekend in Edmonton. I really do appreciate it.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Still feeling a bit wiped out from the plane sitting and bike riding. See you in Toronto.