Smooth Ending

So for the tardiness of this post. Had a rather late night on Saturday and just didn’t want to sit down and type away before going to bed…

The big city. Yeesh, it’s true what people say, it can be hard on the little person. And it definitely was hard on me yesterday. All this to say that Saturday’s race was not one of my best. In fact it was a lackluster and not very strong performance. But this is what happens. Sometimes you have a bad day at the office. And I had one. I can tell you that what it does is really make me appreciate all the other excellent races I’ve had this year. I’ve written a race report. There really isn’t much to report. But feel free to click on over for a read.

The rest of the day was great though. Had a good time in the morning warming up and catching up with a bunch of people. As is typical, I met some more people who had either been reading this blog or have read my writing in Cyclocross Magazine. Very cool.

After my race I did a bit of a cool-down and checked out the course for today. Looks good. Grassy. Fast. Looking forward to racing today. Then I hooked up with my brother and we cheered on Marc and the rest of the Ottawa boys. I had a great time hanging out with Gregory and bellowing at Marc. Gregory knew exactly how to move around the course to catch all the action, so I just followed his lead. Marc had a good ride and finished in 6th position. Congrats to Steve for his second place. Also huge shout out to Peter M for winning the race.

We quickly packed up the car and raced back here to the hotel. Showered and hit the road again. Time to go downtown and visit with my brother and his wife. Got the grand tour of their house. It is looking amazing. The house is quite old so Gregory has been doing a lot of work on it. Then it was off for some fine Indian cuisine. We ate, we talked, told stories, and laughed. Could have been there all night but we knew Sunday morning would come pretty fast. So a great way to end the day. Nothing better than family to remind you about what is truly important.

I have to say it was awesome to have Gregory out there cheering for me today. He was very encouraging, even when things weren’t going so great. Also many thanks to you for cheering me on. It seemed like I had someone cheering for me all over the course. This was great. It does help – especially on the not-so-good days.

Looking forward to a better ride today. Looks like the sun is shining. So it is a perfect day for a cyclo-cross race. See you out there!

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