Back in the Groove

Apart from believing that today was Wednesday… It is only Tuesday… I’m starting to get back into my groove. I had a great talk with my coach today. Really helped to remind me about thinking of the big picture (i.e. the whole season) rather than focus on one bad moment.

Yes, I’m already starting to take some lessons from the weekend. Never ever take good race results for granted. Don’t expect to always be able to have an “A” race. Things happen – so what – move on – get over it. Don’t take my remission status for granted (I need to remember that I need to be careful with what I eat, rest, recover, and handle stress during race season).

I know I’ve got many many more excellent races in me. I also know that I’ll slip up now and then and will have a race I’m less than satisfied with. Good. This will keep me hungry and focused. Complacency is not my friend.

Got out for a fantastic spin on the ‘cross bike yesterday. Hit up the trails by my house. Forgot how the fall leaves change everything. I really felt like I was riding on new-to-me trails. It was a great ride. Just what my mind needed. Something so therapeutic about nature.

Starting a big training block tomorrow. So looking forward to it. You might be scratching your head and wondering how I can start a big block of training while I’m in an UC flare…. Well, the fascinating thing about this disease and me, is this, I feel best when I’m on my bike. The thing is, exercise causes the digestive process to shut down, thereby reducing my cramps and other issues. So, I want to ride my bike – it makes me feel better – physically and mentally.

Looking forward to racing in Kingston this weekend. More than the racing, I’m really looking forward to seeing all the Ottawa racers and catching up with the OBC cyclo-cross series action. Lets hope the weather stays nice – I have to do an hour long ride after the race (feel free to come out with me after the race – just an easy roll on the roads).

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