Sponsor Spotlight: KingsBridge Disaster Recovery

Many of you have seen my red, white and black racing and training clothing. One sponsor that is displayed prominently is KingsBridge Disaster Recovery. Thanks to the support of KingsBridge, I am fortunate to be able to travel to and live in Europe for the winter months.

This is the second season that KingsBridge has supported me. Not only is this support invaluable but I’ve also gained some great new friends in the process. I’ve gotten to know the “guys of KingsBridge” really well over this past year. A good group of guys who are passionate about bikes and squeezing the most out of life.

I’m looking forward to flashing the KingsBridge name and URL around Europe again this winter! Many many thanks to Skip Williams (CEO of KingsBridge) for the continued support.

About KingsBridge Disaster Recovery
Since 1983, KingsBridge has helped hundreds of organizations requiring disaster recovery and business continuity planning. With a unique combination of industry knowledge and cost-effective DR/BC solutions, KingsBridge has the perfect planning solution for your organization.

KingsBridge offers a range of products and solutions to address your organization’s specific needs and to get your plan created quickly so that you can begin protecting your company’s assets today.

* Phoenix our easy-to-use planning software creates a tailored DR/BC plan that can be printed or saved and updated. This software can be purchased and downloaded from our website for immediate use.
* Training seminars on creating effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans and maintaining your plan.
* In addition, KingsBridge offers consulting and turn-key solutions to guide your company step-by-step through the process of creating, maintaining and updating your DR/BC plan.

KingsBridge is headquartered in Ogdensburg, New York, with offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Austin, Texas.

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